Lada Shapovalova

2014 – «Ada Bojana», Zverevsky Contemporary Art Center, Moscow, Russia

Ada Bojana. Paintings


To explain an approach of this paintings I’d like to talk about inspiration of lonely and quiet landscapes. It looks like a dream or something that has never been before. It’s just like to tend desirable places, having deep childhood mood, where you used to be happy and light.

However, Ada Bojana is not a creation of my mind, but a real place-name. I think it sounds in some mythical way.

I believe in what amaze us – some quite simple things, such as the skyline, minor colors, but nothing else – there are only sounds of the spreading bird’s wings, inner music of a sea shell, moving train’s knock… steamship’s toot.

It’s curious to do your own traditional landscape conversation story

What else? Certainly I think about polaroid aesthetics, road movie and William Turner’s paintings. They were my friends and partners.




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