2002 – «Attraction», «Ulitza OGI» Gallery, Moscow, Russia

Lada Shapovalova. “Horses. Attraction”.

By Liza Plavinskaya (Curator of the gallery)


 The second exhibition of Lada Shapovalova’s paintings at the “Ulitsa OGI” gallery presents twelve works (oil on canvas) of the two series. Nine pictures belong to the new series, where famous ancient horses of the San-Marco Cathedral in Venice appear in epic Moscow backyards by Lada’s paintbrush (the Curator’s opinion). Or in a summer park as the main characters of attractions, objects of a festive presentiment, guides back to childhood, instrument of freedom and irresponsibility (the Artist’s opinion).

 Moscow, children, drowsiness remind of the Italian painting of the 30th of the XX century. Silence of the earlier reached harmony was not moved by the gigantic horses appearance, but they still have not turned into gee-gees. Lada has kept trustworthiness of the current events, she has not become a surrealist…

 The exhibition is supplemented with several small paintings of the series “Winter Games” (winter 2001-2002).

 Not as an art-piece, but as entertainment usual for any festival, including an exhibition, on the territory of the gallery there are arranged some attractions peculiar for a summer park: a shooting-range, a panel for tourists’ photos, milkshakes and fruit ice-cream alike the one that used to cost seven kopecks.


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